Who are we?

Mission & Vision


The Redeemed Christian Church of God has a total of six (6) Mission/Vision statements that serve as a guide in the overall activities of the church.

Who we are


RCCG FCT Province 6 Youth Church, Kings Embassy is a place of worship for young and dynamic individuals who are Heavenly bound and of earthly relevant.



I am of the Kings Embassy, I am a king, I  conquer, I dominate, God’s realities are my realities, I can do what he says I can do, I will achieve what he says I will achieve, for me to fail is impossible, for (your name) to fail is impossible, this I believe and this I confess.



In July 1909, a son was born into the Akindayomi family of Ondo State of Nigeria. Even though this child grew up surrounded by idol worshippers, he knew there existed a greater power and yearned to know

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  • Alex Tapiere

    "Faith is an abstract, but is more real than reality"